IMO Plug-ins

  1. Parcel History – Extend IMO to transition from hard copy parcel deed and sales recording keeping in the tax mapping department. Parcel related transactions become electronically searchable. In conjunction with AIM, vital real property documents are accessed easier while also being protected from floods and fires. Click Here for Site Example
  2. AIM – The IMO Advanced Image Manager supports state of the art industrial strength content management through the use of high speed scanner, display and printer technologies. AIM is equipped with a suite of tools that maximize the value of imaging technology in real property and assessment settings.
  3. Pictometry Connect Services – Licensed Counties\Municipalities can directly retrieve Pictometry’s “best in class” oblique and ortho aerial imagery from IMO sessions. Site Screenshot
  4. Property Tax Calculator – Easily assist tax payers to estimate tax changes based on new construction, demolitions, exepmtion status or special district changes. Site Screenshot
  5. Property Record Card (PRC) Creator – Batch or single print enhanced (photos included) property record cards for field work or as handouts for the property owners and BAR members.  Capable of working with different PRC templates.
  6. Tax Billing and Payment History Reporter – IMO is trainable to display current tax billing and payment status information from 3rd party treasury systems. Example 1  Example 2
  7. GIS Web Mapping Service (WMS) Links – Simple protocols are available to make IMO an integral building block in comprehensive County or Municipal wide GIS systems. Example 1 Example 2