Outpost provides the assessor with a mobile “pilots eye view” to efficiently streamline field inspections, data collection, and review activities. Outpost supplements core RPS data editing with a wide range of imaging, sketch and GIS links and features. Assessors no longer have to pull and carry property record cards for reference in the field. Conversely, real time Outpost to V4 data and photo uploads, eliminate the need for data entry from memory or hand written notes when you return to the office.

New powerful and affordable tablet PC’s serve as the mobile device best suited for SDG Outpost technology. Please note that the Outpost browser based network architecture is open to any web connected mobile device including smartphones. However, field trials have proven the tablet to be the optimal device for efficient and effective field assessment activities.

A 10.1” tablet display provides for robust 24×7 parcel and geographic visualization (snapshots) of your immediate surroundings from anywhere in your jurisdiction. The friendly Outpost user interface has been developed using Microsoft.NET technologies and has been optimized for tablet PC use. Through .NET, the Outpost system architecture is both flexible and extensible. As new mobile hardware options become available, the SDG development team can modify Outpost to incorporate rapidly evolving mobile technologies. Likewise, the Outpost program can be “re-fitted” for use in future upgrades to the RPS system.


Outpost Features:

  • Full compatibility and compliance with the New York State RPS V4 system.
  • Platform independent mobile device options for real time RPS updates while in the field.
  • Review and editing of pertinent Parcel inventory fields.
  • Easy stylus assisted point and tap navigation and data entry.
  • In application Navigate-to-Parcel
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Full photo capture support for both onboard tablet and/or any web connected digital camera via an Outpost/Google Picasa integration.
  • The tablet and cellular connections are non-proprietary. Outpost can be shared with the Codes, DPW, Planning, Zoning, Engineering, Law Enforcement, Fire and Professional Contractors.
  • Integration with GIS Mapping services available to the Town or County.
  • Fast parcel look-ups by Municipality / SWIS / SBL / Owner name / Street address.
  • Support for Android, Apple IOS, and Windows tablets using browser based operation.

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